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16 Sep 2017
Knowing the sources or some other information on structure or a place is a excellent source of understanding. These things are sometimes the types of trivia that normally gets us more interested in going to a location. The ModaCenter is just and a historic and great location as any other institution, it's a history attached to it. Learning this history will raise the awe and expertise whilst at the center.

TheModaCenter has not been known as Moda Center. Before it was known as modacenter, it was known as the rose garden or Rose Garden arena. The reason why it was known as garden or the rose garden arena was due to the simple fact that Portland was generally considered the Rose City. The backyard part is principally due to its ties. Portland has believed their basketball heritage to be important just like Madison Square Garden, that is the reason why there is the backyard part in the title. This finally resulted in it being called the Rose Garden Arena.

The ModaCenter includes a rich background for this, and the title is a fantastic supply of trivia and information. The naming rights to the Rose Garden Arena were up for whoever wishes to name it. The naming rights were up in the market to whomever would host, or swear partnership to the center. The name has been changed just in 2013. The major reason for the change was because of the 10-year bargain the Portland Trail Blazers had with Moda Health. Moda Health is an insurance company that provides a ten year offer of sponsorship. Due to this deal between them both, Moda Health obtained the naming rights to the center. Ever since then, it was named ModaCenter due to the partnership.


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